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Smith’s musical adventure continues to take her into new areas. The godmother of punk, who performs at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall tonight, has recently been asked to write an opera. As a child she dreamed of being an opera singer and as a performer says she has learnt from the art form she remains passionate about.

“I have learnt a lot about singing songs from opera,” Smith said. “I’ve learnt about making a song work from beginning to end by not losing contact with what the song is saying.”


I’ve actually heard of Patti Smith — I know I come across as clueless much (all?) of the time. But I’m not close to familiar with what she sings. So I “YouTubed” her (if we can “google” I’m assuming we can also “YouTube” … right?). This sort of sounds familiar, but maybe it just sounds like something else?:

In this next video she does mention the opera singing thing:

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