So, what to do next time you’re dragged on a conference call and people start screaming? Play classical music through the phone.

As was discovered this afternoon, hilarity will ensue.


  1. You know what I truly detest about phone “hold music”? It’s not the kind of music that’s played. It’s when they program it to interrupt the music at very short intervals (like, 15 seconds!) to tell you “An operator will take your call shortly”. The interruptions seem calculated to make the experience as annoying as it could possibly be.

    And, of course, the voice announcement is knowingly, patently false. Grrrrr!

    Flame off!

  2. With technology as it is, I have wished that they could at least offer a “Please push 9 [or maybe “say stop” would work?] if you prefer not to hear our choice of music with constant interruption.” Could it be that difficult?