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Here are Mr. Bratman’s comments on last week’s concert. It’s not really a review, but still ….

The Metro has a bit longer of a review.

And I’m pretty sure that’s all we’ll see.

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A concert violinist has been given a gun permit so he can protect his £6million Stradivarius violin.

Matteo Fedeli, 36, travels all round Italy with his rare instrument and has been given police permission to protect it with a a 357 Smith and Wesson Magnum.

He said he also has a team of bodyguards wherever he goes with the instrument who plan his route meticulously and make sure he is not followed. And he also has an armed escort as he travels to his concerts.

“Thankfully I’ve never had to use my gun – but a 357 Magnum is certainly a useful deterrent,” he said.

“I did once have a concert though where the crowd started to get a bit close to me and the violin and my bodyguards quickly made a human barrier around me.

“Anyone would tried to steal a rare instrument would be a bit silly though because they have satellite alarms built in and it’s not as if they could just go and sell it at an auction without being noticed anyway.”

I think I’ll just leave this one alone. I found it here.

The Night Shift is all about being able to
enjoy great music in a relaxed atmosphere,
so it strips away all those usual ‘rules’ of
classical concerts. You can bring a drink
in, get up to go get one, and don’t have to
worry about clapping in the wrong place.
The important thing is the music.

Read here.

Of course it could be that clapping covers up the music if one claps in the wrong place. So the “important thing” might not get heard. Huh.

I do like the idea of playing “in a relaxed atmosphere”. When things are more relaxed it makes things a bit easier for me. I really wish that wasn’t the case, but there you go.

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Playing Classical Music Measures 23-25 in G Major — powered by ExpertVillage.com
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Nintendo Wii Music is Sort of like Rock Band for Classical Music

I read it here.