If you are in the Bay Area, are you tuned in to KQED? San Francisco Symphony is on. You might enjoy it!

Running commentary … but only for a while …
Bill Bennett sure plays with the oboe nearly straight down. I’m not sure I could play that way.
I wish they’d stick on some players longer.
Ah … “There’s a place for us” with that fabulous oboe countermelody. Gotta love it.
I’m a real sucker for West Side Story, to be honest.
C’mon … show the English horn!
(tiny oops … probably not noticeable to most anyone)
(I always hate yelling out “Mambo”.)
Man, they are a good “band”!

But am I going to be able to stay up for the whole thing? After getting home so late last night I’m just not sure. Sigh.

Ah, MTT is talking to the audience. I didn’t know that he’d be doing that, having not read any reviews of this performance. He’s educating the audience. Interesting. 🙂

Well, I’ll listen more … but not more blogging. Dawn Upshaw, one of my faves, is coming on.


  1. Here’s a glowing review: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/26/arts/music/26carn.html?partner=permalink&exprod=permalink

    Christine Ebersole is fabulous! West Side Story sounded better at Carnegie than when I heard it live at the SFS opening gala earlier – it sounded a lot snappier on TV.

    English horn player was awesome this past weekend. He was the bright shining light in the Schmidt symphony, that was a bit lackluster otherwise.

  2. I can’t say I was terribly excited about the work that Upshaw was in. Oh well! Ebersole is quite a vivacious person, isn’t she? I think I have her on some recording somewhere …? (I can’t keep track of all that I have.)

    I wish I could have heard the EH last weekend. I’ve not really heard him very much. (“Met” him online, though, when he wrote to tell me he won the position and I needed to update my site!)

  3. I haven’t seen MTT in quite a while, but he’s getting old. I’m wondering if his conducting style is dictated by shoulder problems; he’s doing an awful lot of dancing and keeping his hands at belly level. Great sounding group though!

  4. Christine Ebersole was most recently in Broadway’s “Grey Gardens” – I can’t remember if she won the Tony or not for best actress of the year. I heard that she was fab (I didn’t get a chance to see it).

    heh heh… the internet world is so small. (Hi to Russ “EH” if you’re reading this. 🙂 )

  5. Ah yes … THAT’S why I know the name. I have that recording, Jolene.

    So you know Russ personally? (I only know him “internetly” … or some such thing.) He seemed like quite the nice guy. Maybe someday I’ll meet him in person, but I never get to mix with the “Big Guys”.

  6. no I don’t know him personally. I thought I’d make the point that the internet world is small, b/c he’s probably reading this. 🙂 But he’s a colleague of yours, no? I’m surprised you guys don’t mix across orchestra lines.

    hm, Grey Gardens is a CD I don’t have… do you recommend it? I heard mixed things about the musical, but such extremes – people either LOVED it or thought it was really boring.

  7. Ah, got it!

    I’m not sure Russ actually reads the blog. Most people just read the page that lists their name … the roster lists of double reed players. We like seeing our names, I think. 😉

    I enjoyed the CD of Grey Gardens. Then I saw the documentary and I now can’t quite listen in the same way. The movie sort of horrified me … they were living in such filth and it was pretty frightening to me. Funny how that happens for some of us. A friend of mine really loved the movie due to the eccentricities of the women. I can’t say it’s a musical that will live forever … seems like it was one of those that will die off eventually. Of course who am I to say?