If you really want to throw a truly scary and memorable Halloween party, use classical music in combination with your Halloween decor and your typical scary music soundtracks of howling wolves and creaking doors. Below, you will find my recommended track listing of scary classical music along with YouTube videos for you to watch and listen.

Or just find yourself a beginning oboist. 😉

I read the above quote here. If you click the link you can see his list of works, and even give some a listen (and look). Like this:


  1. I’d never really noticed before how bassoony the Hall of the Mountain King is…cool (I shall have to consult with my spousal unit to see if the parts are actually fun). That video (for the Grieg) did a good job of showing the players when they had Important Stuff(tm) to play (I thought, anyhow). And I’d never thought of the Rachmaninoff c# prelude as scary (dramatic, sure), but I think that’s because I’ve always played it so badly…

  2. I, being a beginning oboist myself, am all set for the Halloween season!!

  3. Well of course, guys, ANYTHING can be scary. Kind of depends upon how it’s played, eh? 😉

    I haven’t even checked the links yet. Guess I should take the time now. Before I open up my bag of candy!