Let me tell you right off, I say to Susie, who just happens to be the violinist in the most sought- after chamber trio in the world, I really don’t know lot about Classical music. I go to Tangle-wood once a year and I like how classical music sounds; it’s pretty and everything, but I really don’t know anything about it.
-Denise Favro Schwartz

I read this in this article. (I hope the advertisement to the right is always there; someone is playing a huge watermelon like a cello. It made me laugh. Or at least kind of go, “Hah!” Or … okay, okay … I just sort of laughed on the inside. Or something.)

Oh … and what’s with the “the most sought-after” or “the world’s most reknown” or “world’s best” and stuff like that? I’ve read those kinds of things so often this past week, regarding groups I do and, more often, do not know. How can anyone make that claim, I wonder?

A guest teacher tried to teach me moveable Do in the third grade, and I got into a knock-down drag-out fight with her. …Well, I was eight years old. I had no idea what movable Do was, but I thought it was absolutely the biggest crock that you could ever imagine. She chalked an A major scale up on the blackboard and wrote Do Re Me Fa Sol La Ti Do. I exclaimed, “No no no; that’s La Si Do Re Mi Fa Sol La!” She said, “What are you talking about?” And my homeroom teacher rejoined, “Bobby, just let her teach what she wants to teach and keep quiet!”

-Robert D. Levin

I read it here.