I was looking up Pierne’s “Piece in G minor” (to see if it’s actually a real oboe piece or something a solo book threw in) and google asked: Did you mean: Pier One “Piece in G minor”

I just received another phone call asking about oboe lessons for her child. The woman said I lived “very far” from here when she heard where I teach. I asked her where she was located. Answer? Saratoga.

Unless she’s talking about Saratoga, New York, she is probably less than 10 miles from my home.

Ah well. My studio is pretty darn full anyway, but I just crack up when someone says I’m too far away and they live so close.

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The baroque oboe is a wild beast and taming it is a process with few extrinsic rewards.

McClain did a brilliant job of it, blending well in the ensemble when necessary and standing confidently in the spotlight when the time was right.

The final movement was fugal and got a little woolly in places.

Nevertheless, it was a strong ending to a collection of agreeable, if forgettable, pieces.

I read it, and more, here.

You can see Mr. McClain in this video, put up by “our own” (I’ve always wanted to write that. It’s really not so true; renegadeoboe isn’t “mine” … but still …!) renegadeoboe (no music on this video though):

I really enjoy the sound of Baroque oboe. You can hear it here:

or here:

… and of course you’ll find a bit more if you look around.

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Read here:

In a word, our style is straight. Hürriyet plays in the brass section of Turkey’s journalistic symphony; we are in charge of the oboe among the woodwinds. Together, we will make brave and beautiful music.

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Thanks to Jessica Duchen we now know that Germaine Greer has a thing for violists. And she doesn’t like viola jokes.

Does she not know that there are so many undeserved oboe jokes? Many viola jokes, in fact, are “translated” into oboe jokes. Go figure. And trombone? Sure, I’ve seen ’em. Percussion too. And … well … any instrument pretty much. And then there are the (deserved!) conductor jokes.

But maybe she just can’t take a joke?

Heck, we love to joke about our instruments. It’s just the way it is. But I suppose if feminism is now doing just fine these days, one has to find something new to work on. 😉

(And I do apologize for leaving the multitudes of readers wondering why I haven’t blogged ALL morning long! What was I thinking?! Oh. Wait. I wasn’t thinking. So there you go. Did ya miss me? … um … don’t answer that, please!)