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It appears that Opera Pacific has closed down. Perhaps it’s only for the season, but it sounds like it’s really for “good” (or bad, as I would put it).

I read it here, and will share this snippet with you:

Three days after its final performance of Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville,” Santa Ana-based Opera Pacific, the county’s only major opera company, announced Tuesday that it will cancel the remainder of its 2008-2009 season and will likely close down operations for good.

The economic downturn is to blame, according to Robert C. Jones, president and CEO of the company.

“All I can say is that at this moment there are no plans for next season,” Jones said, shortly before leaving the office on his last day on the job.

This is incredibly sad, and very scary news. I feel so for all those involved in the organization. I have a friend who plays in the group, and I recognize some of the other names on their orchestra roster. I’m so sorry ….

So what were you doing when you were eleven or twelve? Me? I was tooting on oboe, but not anywhere near the advanced level. And mostly I was flirting with boys. If you visit this page you’ll see a young trio playing Beethoven.

I did play Beethoven (I played piano up until about the age of twelve) but I can guarantee you I wasn’t terribly good. At least I could “get around” on the keys. Sadly I quit and now can’t play at all. My students are allowed to laugh at me when I attempt to cover a piano part for them. I rarely even do it … it’s too darn embarrassing!

Stephen Waarts, the young violinist in this video will be soloing with Silicon Valley Symphony. He is currently twelve — which is why I don’t know if he was eleven or twelve when the video was done. (And no, Silicon Valley Symphony is not the group I play in; this group is a community orchestra. They used to have a big notice on their website saying “We had the name first!” which was kind of funny.) It would be fun to have a competition for young artists with Symphony Silicon Valley (Yes, this is the group I’m in). Maybe some year …?

Oh … the video also makes clear whey I refuse to ever be the page turner for a pianist. It’s too scary! 🙂

From the IDRS:

A substantial reward has been offered today for the safe return of a rare contrabassoon stolen in the run up to its appearance in a Colburn Orchestra concert.

The Fox 950 model contrabassoon, serial no. 622, one of only four in the world, was stolen from a rehearsal room on The Colburn School’s downtown campus last week. School administrators say they will be unable to replace the instrument, ahead of the Colburn Orchestra’s performance next Saturday, 8th November 2008.

The Colburn School is offering a substantial cash reward for information leading to the recovery of the contrabassoon in a serviceable condition. It urges members of the public with information to contact the Dean’s office at The Colburn School on 213-621-1025. All calls will be dealt with in complete confidence.

Keep your eyes and ears open for this, please!

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(Unless you did it like I did and voted early. I don’t suggest voting more than once.)

I’ll be quite happy to have this day behind us. I’m weary of TV ads, news, and all the hype. I’m weary of hostility. And if anyone on facebook thought their status would influence me in any way, they just don’t know me. 🙂

And no, I don’t talk about my politics. You can just guess. Or not.