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“No,” the class shouted in unison.

On this particular day, the sounds came from the composer’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 4.

“Bach composed a happy melody with a bouncy rhythm as the main musical idea, and playful, rhythmically active music for the solo violin,” Morrissey explained over the PA system before playing the music via CD.

As the music, a mix of recorders and violin continued, Fitzsimmons’ students grew quieter and quieter. No doubt music to their teacher’s ears.

Fitzsimmons said the music is a great way to introduce students to different music. And there is that added benefit.

“It does calm them down in the morning,” she said.

All three of Bourne Public School’s elementary schools started playing the classical music lessons this fall, thanks to Mastersingers by the Sea, a Falmouth chamber chorus. The group, led by its music director David MacKenzie, donated the classical music programs to the Bourne schools. The program, developed by the Canadian company, Tall Timbers Publishing Corporation, features five years worth of lessons.

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