Writing Classical Scales in B Major — powered by ExpertVillage.com

I am entirely puzzled. If you don’t know why … well … never mind.


  1. That is the most creative-looking B major scale I’ve ever seen!

  2. Do you suppose he did that because of the octave in which the scale was written?

    And at least he’s not a slave to convention…:)

  3. I dunno, Tim. He did write them in exactly the opposite order of appearance, as well as doing the wrong octave on some sharps. It sure is odd. But it caught my attention, and I’ll have to take more “lessons” from this guy. 😉

    Gee … this time I’m getting an advertisement first. Do others get that too? Ugh.

  4. Fat Cats Go Drink Allen’s Egg Brew

    A little dated now, but that was the mnemonic I was taught by one of my piano teachers (one of the few I’ve ever actually retained, in fact).

    For the flats it was just that BEAD thing (followed, of course, by the last three – QL and 7).

    For some reason, my kids have always hated the way I sing the alphabet song (not counting having to listen to my voice, of course) – “A B C D E F twelve…H N…something…Q…”

    Oh, and I got the advert the second time around as well – defiantly annoying.

  5. I never learned he mnemonic for the sharps and flats. Maybe I’ll think of something clever for my “kiddos”. Maybe not. (I’m not feeling terrible clever!)

    My dad used to recite:

    Thirty days hath September, April, June and no wonder, all the rest eat peanut butter except grandma. She rides a bicycle.

    Hmmm. I miss my dad. 🙁

  6. (It’s actually even more fun to conflate the alphabet song with twinkle – “A B C D little star, how I J K LMNO are…)

  7. Hi Patty, I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while, but have never ventured a comment before, but I just had to offer the mnemonic I learned in my pre-oboe days, when I was taking piano lessons.

    For the sharps: Father Charles goes down and ends battle.

    For the flats, a simple reversal: Battle ends and down goes Charles’ father.

    And now I have to go do battle with a couple of sections of Beauty and the Beast that have just way too many sharps for this amateur oboist, and that I have to conquer before Thursday.

  8. Thanks “nordogs2”! I love those. Even with this old brain I might be able to remember them. 😉

  9. PS Have fun with Beauty! I’ve played it twice. It’s a toughie!

  10. What do you use to help remember how to spell “Mnemonic”?

  11. The dictionary.

    Duh. 😉