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… but too tired to think straight! I thought the orchestra played well. Singers were fine. I enjoyed it, and yet was puzzled. I don’t quite “get” the music after hearing it this very first time. I do wonder if I should have listened to it ahead of time a bit, as I had no idea what I was in for.

And you know I don’t do honest to goodness reviews here; I’m not a reviewer. I go to the opera to enjoy it rather than critique it. Others can do that fun little bit. 😉

Couple ‘o notes:
Lucky pianists; there for a short time and then gone. And the women all leave early (from the stage, not the pit!) so there are only men (and a boy) to take bows at the end. Sometimes I wonder if the director asks them, “So … you want a bow or would you rather be home in bed by the time that happens?”

I have to admit I don’t care for the silly rolling the director has Ramey do. And twice! He drops to the floor and then rolls down the raked stage at one point. Then, when he dies, he does it again. Once was too much. Twice made people laugh, even though he was dead. I don’t think the director wants people laugh when Boris dies. But maybe I’m wrong.

I do suspect I’ll be searching out some YouTube clips just to hear more of it. I need to get the thing more in my ears to really grasp it, I think. (I’m slow that way.)

And four watches went off plus a phone? Sigh.

Good job oboes! As always! 🙂

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