I bought a clock radio/CD player because it allows me to wake up to a CD rather than the radio. The reception in our bedroom with a clock radio isn’t great, so I prefer to use the CD player. Trouble is, I didn’t realize it would always start with the first track; I had made the assumption I could somehow program it and choose my own track. Instead, I wake up every single time to the beginning of the last movement of the Mozart Oboe Concerto. I hear the thing click on prior to the CD starting so sometimes I just click the darn thing off instead; hearing the same thing over and over gets a bit annoying.

But I ramble. Mostly I just wanted to share this video with you; there are some performers in costume, including the oboist. It’s kind of a kick to see and hear.

And now back to my un-regularly scheduled pesky stomach. (I thought it was better. It decided I was wrong.)


  1. Are you sure you can’t select a particular track for the alarm? Check the manual – I’m pretty sure mine lets me do that, though I usually use the radio (KCSM) and when I use the CD I am almost always too lazy to do anything other than just take the default first track.

    And I, too, hear the click before the CD starts!

    Mine has a little flexible wire antenna about 2 feet long coming out the back, and I find if I move it around I can get better radio reception.

    Sorry about your stomach! It needs to stop giving you such a hard time (we in the pit prefer to take over that responsibility).

  2. I wake up to KGO – handy for weather and traffic info (although it seems that I usually hear about a traffic problem which will impact me just about when I’m encountering it in person and it’s too late to avoid it).

    About the clip, it might be an artifact of the recording (or my hardware), but is there an ensemble issue? It just feels…off a bit, somehow. It’s probably just me. I wonder what they pay the actors to just sit there in costume…

  3. Hmmm. I’ll look at the manual again, dk. I thought I had, but you know me … I like to skim! I have that wire antenna too. I drap it over the window crank and get better reception, but it’s still not great.

    As to the stomach … it is better today. Now I’m feeling the “lump” thing I get with the acid reflux issue. Hmmm. Is this all connected, oh you as close to I get to a doctor friend? 😉

    Tim, I rely on my husband for weather (if he’s home when I wake, which is getting less and less likely) and I mainly commute only later in the day so I need to listen to that traffic “stuff” until Friday when I do the UCSC drive. Another way in which I’m spoiled, eh? 😉

    The performance isn’t the best. I just kind of got a kick out of the whole look of it all. (And it appears the oboist has a “soul patch” … or whatever it’s called – I think a silly style but only my opinion! – which I doubt was in style during Mozart’s time, although I wasn’t there so how would I know?)