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The researchers have discovered that playing classical music to the animals reduces abnormal behaviours such as swaying, pacing and trunk tossing, although they said elephants don’t seem to have a favourite composer.

I read it here.


She stressed that as yet the team can’t be sure why elephants react well to classical music or whether other genres would work as well. “We really don’t know what their perception of the music was,” she said. It may simply be that it masked unpleasant background noises – for example from the zoo’s visitors.

Field believes that as intelligent animals elephants may turn out to be quite discerning. “I think they would have very eclectic tastes actually,” he said.

Of course maybe the best thing would to not put them in a zoo in the first place …?

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  1. Not putting them in a zoo would be great, although there is the part about poachers trying to get ivory that can get kind of problematic in the wild. Humans aren’t very nice sometimes… 🙁