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… we went to see the rebroadcast of Doctor Atomic. And I enjoyed it yet again. I’ve decided it needs a trim, but what do I know?

In any case, this old lady is tired now. Guess I’d better catch some rest before a recording session I have to do tomorrow. (Playing “Cowboy Celtic” music. What the heck is that?!)

This is not how I plan on celebrating my birthday, nor is it how I would ever get dressed. I promise.

I have, however, done a whole lotta nothing today. Aside from trying to make myself feel less than entirely lazy by cleaning the kitchen sink, taking out the garbage, and raking leaves, I’ve been a total sloth. Very, very sad way to start 52, I think. So perhaps I’ll turn off the music (Donizetti’s Maria Padilla, which I’m entirely unfamiliar with but had heard about because of some large English horn solo) and get to reeds.

It could happen.


(For Brandon, Kelsey and Jameson, my “babies”)

No need to peddle down this hill, I glide
so quickly — no control of speed at all.
The scenery goes whizzing past — I glimpse
some graduations thinking, “You were small
just yesterday!” The time slides by, I grasp
at memories: the holidays, the fall
we shocked you three with Disneyland. The glass
now emptying too quickly for this small
and muddled mind to understand. The glow
of Kelsey’s wedding. The trips to baseball
games. I wonder where the time has gone!
(I wonder at the way time used to crawl.)
I can’t explain how time has flown to you;
you’ll understand when you turn fifty two.

Thanks to Dick Strawser at Thoughts on a Train, we now have the answer to the world’s most important question:

If you haven’t yet seen them, this post listed them in German: interesting positioning of the American orchestras

1. Concertgebouw-Orkest, Amsterdam
2. Berliner Philharmoniker
3. Wiener Philharmoniker
4. London Symphony Orchestra
5. Chicago Symphony Orchestra
6. Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks
7. Cleveland Orchestra
8. Los Angeles Philharmonic
9. Budapest Festival Orchestra
10. Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden
11. Boston Symphony Orchestra
12. New York Philharmonic
13. San Francisco Symphony
14. Mariinsky Theater Orchestra
15. Russian National Orchestra
16. Leningrad Phillharmonic
17. Gewandhausorchester Leipzig
18. Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
19. Saito Kinen Symphony Orchestra
20. Tschechische Philharmonie

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This is fantastic publicity, immeasurable. What comes from this is recognition on an unbelievable scale. Some of the nicest sequences in the film are the chase through our building. Of course, it’s not a very good film otherwise.

-David Pountney, artistic director of the Bregenz opera festival in Austria

Hmmm. I’m gonna guess the Bond people aren’t terribly appreciative of that quote, but I guess he can say what he wants to say as he enjoys what “We charged what it cost and a little bit more.”

I read it here, and I’d blogged about it before, including the vido clip. I do love that part. I have yet to see the entire movie. Knowing me I won’t until it’s available for rental.

I’ve been tagged. Twice. Nice birthday present eh? (But really, they sent this to me before today.)

First I heard from Alex Shapiro of Notes From The Kelp, and then from Dick Strawser of Thoughts on a Train.

Man, this isn’t easy, you know? And I already did the Six Things one. Isn’t this like that only more difficult with that added one? I think so.

Okay … Rules First:

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog. (Did that above.)
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog – some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog (or e-mail if they don’t allow comments).
5. If you don’t have 7 blog friends, or if someone else already took dibs, then tag some unsuspecting strangers.

Now here goes, and perhaps as I go things will all link together, one thing leading to another and all that jazz …

1. When I was in kindergarten I daydreamed a lot. I suspect it was because my vision was so bad. My mother asked me how school was one day and I said it was great. That “the teacher got further and further away.” My mother was worried about me. Mostly I was just blurring out the teacher since she was already out of focus. I think.

2. We buried a lizard on a hill while I was in kindergarten. I remember making “scissors” out of some sort of weeds. That was a highlight for me.

3. To this day things can get “further and further away.” When this happens on stage I really have to force myself to pull myself back into reality and focus. Unless I don’t feel like it.

4. When I was in high school and I was walking home from school I’d sometimes hear someone yell out the name Patty. I would never turn around. I was embarrassed if I couldn’t see them clearly (bad vision yet again), and I always assumed they wouldn’t be yelling for me in any case. (Yeah, I was that insecure.)

5. When I was doing my senior recital I walked out on stage and my father coughed. He had a very distinctive cough. I couldn’t see him, but I found the cough comforting.

6. Again, in college, I was to play a movement of the Mozart Oboe Concerto for a jury. I didn’t really practice it much. I mainly tried to memorize it during a humanities course by staring at it a lot. It didn’t work. I still passed.

7. I can’t remember writing a single paper for college. I can’t remember studying. I barely remember classes. I guess I was just too busy flirting, then marrying (in my sophomore year), and then being married to my husband. 🙂

Now … who the heck should I pester with this? Maybe people who comment here on occasion, but not the same ones I bugged last time?

Mike … wanna play? How about Cameron, who likes Living in the Woods? Janet, are you game? If he’s not too busy these days (not seeing a lot of posts … hmmm …?) maybe Sid will join in. And surely Kate, someone who mixes oboe & coffee, should be awake enough to fill us in. Along with David, who mixes oboe, coffee and parenting, along with a lot more. Finally, I think anyone who calls himself a Horndog should be forced to play, so jump in, Bruce!

Okay. I’m nearly done. I’m supposed to contact these seven people. That will have to wait … if I obey that rule at all … I’m a rule follower, but sometimes …? 😉