My favorite part of the opera (this is from an earlier production, not the Met):


  1. I hate it when they translate, it sounds so stupid XD
    But as long as you only listen it sounds good. I don’t know the opera though, but I hardly know any operas. So half of your posts I don’t get anyway :p

  2. The words are from a John Donne sonnet; it’s one of my favorite sonnets. Maybe, in fact, my favorite.

    (Are you saying you don’t like that it is in English? It was written in English, actually.)

  3. No, with translation I mean the subtitles… I like the English text, but the subtitles are in Dutch, and about any English text you’d like to pick sounds stupid, or at least less beautifull, when it’s translated to Dutch.

  4. Ah … well, we say the same thing when we see English subtitles or supertitles for an opera in another language. Funny how that works!