Italian tenor Marcello Giordani has pulled off the rare feat of singing two major roles in a single day at New York’s Metropolitan Opera.

Giordani performed the title role in Berlioz’s “La Damnation de Faust” during a matinee Saturday.

A few hours later he sang the leading tenor role of Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton in “Madama Butterfly.” He replaced a sick colleague.

Most singers perform only two or three times a week. The Met says only a handful have tackled two leading roles in a day for the renowned company.

General manager Peter Gelb calls Giordani the “Iron Man of tenors.”

Found here … but if you click the link you’ll only see exactly what’s above.

So if I play a couple of operas in a day could I become the “Iron Woman of Oboists” please?

Okay … not quite the same, I know. And yeah, other musicians do double services, no problem. Still, I just want to be an “iron something” … and no, I’m not talking about that other iron. The one only my husband uses because I don’t buy anything that requires ironing.

I’m just home from a UCSC performance. The orchestra did a couple of new works, and then the choirs joined them for Carmina Burana. When I was in high school I loved that work. Later, when I finally played it, I saw the “other side” of the work. I think it’s fun listening, but not fun playing. I wonder what singers think of it. But in any case, they all did a fabulous job on this concert. Bravi tutti to everyone involved, and of course especially to Daniela, Karl, Jordan, Miranda, Max, Sylvia and Kevin … because I work with all of them, so I was especially thrilled to see and hear them.

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  1. Oh, I so love Carmina Burana. I even enjoy playing in it! That was definitely one of my favorite orchestra concerts in undergrad.