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What would happen if a leading British-based music magazine ranked the world’s leading orchestras and the “winning” U.S. ensemble didn’t care?

That’s basically what’s happened when leaders of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra shrugged their collective shoulders over the London monthly the Gramophone saying that it’s the top classical outfit in the United States.

“I think it is safe to say that we are not advocates or necessarily firm believers in lists of this sort, given the subjective nature of these types of rankings,” said CSO President Deborah Rutter, using the sort of language that one usually hears from someone who’s just been voted off the island, not named king of the hill.

Hmm. So the self-declared World’s Best Classical Magazine has deemed some orchestras as the world’s best (yeah, I wrote about this thing earlier). And Chicago didn’t go out and celebrate. Go figure. 😉

Of course she didn’t exactly diss it either. No one wants to look a gift horse in the mouth, I suppose.

“As everyone should know,” Rutter continued in an e-mail, “on any given evening anywhere and everywhere in the world there are ‘best concerts’ taking place by many great orchestras. Music is always a subjective experience, and that’s why there isn’t and can’t be a World Series in our world to firmly, regularly rank orchestras.

“All that said, in any case, it is wonderful to have international recognition of our truly superb and peerless orchestra.”

I read it here.

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