… I’m on jury duty this week.

Fortunately I now have the Superior Court link up. When I open the computer I’ll see that and remember to check my status. I hope. I’m supposed to check again tomorrow morning. I have three students tomorrow, and three students on Tuesday. If I have to cancel them, it’s quite a loss of income. Wednesday I have an opera to attend, and I really don’t want to have to leave for that too late in the day. So I’m just hoping I won’t get called. I know it’s selfish, but there you go.

The two times I’ve made it into a jury box I was rejected anyway. They don’t seem to want me. Wouldn’t ya know? So what if I could just call and say, “You don’t want me so why bother calling me? You don’t like oboe playing music teachers!”

If I were called in the summer I really wouldn’t mind serving. So many students take off in the summer that I probably wouldn’t lose too much income. But now? It’s just not a good time for this.

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  1. Juries tend not to like teachers, for some reason.

    Plus, as a musician you’re probably too detail oriented and intelligent for them anyways. 🙂