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Tomorrow Night: 7:00 PM @ the UCSC Recital Hall you can hear UCSC chamber ensembles in an “open rehearsal”, playing snippets of what they’ve been working on this quarter.

Nielsen’s Wind Quintet, movements 1 and 2, will be included in the performance

Come hear the UCSC Woodwind Quintet!

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I just read that the conductor Richard Hickox died yesterday. He was only 60. You can read about it here. Jessica Duchen blogged about him, as did Tom Service.

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(I wouldn’t mind at all if my thighs were miniaturized.)

Domingo has an iPod, too, but says he’s scared of it.

“The ears are precious for musicians,” he says. Domingo doesn’t like sticking little loudspeakers so close to his eardrums. He says he’s flummoxed by the concept of being miniaturized.

“I’m very happy that people can put so much music in such a little thing, but it scares me so much,” Domingo says. “I’ve been recording for 40 years now; how is it possible that my whole career can be in a little thing like this?”

I read it here.

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She paused briefly to ask the photographers to take her picture full face – “no profiles, please.” Callas and her 17 pieces of luggage are staying at the Fairmont.

I read it here.