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I have to check my jury duty status again tomorrow morning at 10:00. Okay then … I won’t know until I know so I just am not going to worry about it! But since there’s still a possibility I’ll have to go in tomorrow, I guess I’ll have to make my red cabbage slaw for Thanksgiving early tomorrow morning.

Fortunately I cleaned the house today. When our yard work guys showed up this morning I was too embarrassed to just sit around. I figure they must think I am a total lazy person, considering how the yard looked. I had to prove that wrong. So I got down on my knees (where I knew they could see me; yeah, I’m silly that way) and washed the dining/living room floor. Then, knowing that simply wasn’t enough, I did laundry. Dusted. Vacuumed. Cleaned the bathrooms. Washed the kitchen floor.

Yeah, I’m incredibly silly that way.

As I wrote on my facebook page:
Patty just lied to the yard workers without saying a word.

Really. Trying to show how I’m a hard worker to these hard workers out in the yard … what a lie that is!

I’m truly a very lazy person. And I don’t want to go to jury duty.

Because I’m just that lazy.

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Barry Manilow instead of the typical classical music punishment. Hmmm. It’s a change, in any case.

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Yesterday I checked in at noon to see what my status was. I read that I should check back at 5:00. I checked at 5:00 PM. It said to check at noon again today. Being the impatient person that I am, I checked earlier than that. By a little after 11:00 I already saw they had updated my group number’s status and I am now supposed to check in again today at 5:00.

In other words, I don’t have to go in today, nor did I have to go in yesterday. I’m going to guess I won’t go in at all, since they are closed on Thursday and Friday. (And yes, I knew that when I said I wanted to move my jury duty to this week.) In any case, I didn’t have to cancel a single student. So that’s good news. For me at least.

I’m not sure what my students think! 🙂

Now I just have to deal with the very noisy guys who are working on my yard. For a while it got extremely quiet and I wondered if they had already finished, but then I realized they were on lunch break. Now I’m hearing a lot of machines. My oboe students may be competing with the lovely sound of chain saws and leaf blowers, along with that munching machine that chomps up all the stuff they’ve been hauling out.

There is light in our living room! I can see the backyard through a window that was completely covered by a plant. It’s quite nice, even while it’s noisy.

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Poulenc described his work as a “contemporary drawing room party suffused with an atmosphere of wantonness, which you sense if you are corrupted, but of which an innocent-minded girl would not be conscious.”

Alrighty, then. I read this here. (Closest translation, according to those notes, for “biches” is female deer. Just so you know.)

Update to post below
I read another article that included this:

Mrs. Sasse said the announced 2008-2009 schedule, including a fully staged production of “La Boheme” in February, will be presented as planned.

And now I’ve received a message from Ms. Sasse saying what the other article implied (or at least what it implied to me … I’m good at misreading! Did they change the article I linked to below, or did it always say 2009-2010? Hmmm. Probably my fault. Sigh.) isn’t true.

Good news, to be sure.

Everyone who reads this blog knows I suffered through the death of San Jose Symphony, and I really hurt for other companies that are struggling. It’s not easy for anyone. (One of the things that really put the San Jose Symphony in debt were the added operas they decided to put on for a while.)

Chattanooga Symphony & Opera have canceled the remainder of their season.


At Carmina Burana on Saturday our conductor, Nicole Paiement, encouraged people to donate to the school. She explained that with all the budget cuts some students may lose the opportunity for private lessons. That is, of course, my job there. I do wonder how many I’ll be allowed to teach this coming quarter; I’ve not been told if I’ll get to continue with my oboe students and the woodwind quintet yet. I know I’ll have my three hours per week, but anything over that is uncertain.

Everyone is hurting, that’s certain.