25. November 2008 · Comments Off on One More Day · Categories: Ramble

I have to check my jury duty status again tomorrow morning at 10:00. Okay then … I won’t know until I know so I just am not going to worry about it! But since there’s still a possibility I’ll have to go in tomorrow, I guess I’ll have to make my red cabbage slaw for Thanksgiving early tomorrow morning.

Fortunately I cleaned the house today. When our yard work guys showed up this morning I was too embarrassed to just sit around. I figure they must think I am a total lazy person, considering how the yard looked. I had to prove that wrong. So I got down on my knees (where I knew they could see me; yeah, I’m silly that way) and washed the dining/living room floor. Then, knowing that simply wasn’t enough, I did laundry. Dusted. Vacuumed. Cleaned the bathrooms. Washed the kitchen floor.

Yeah, I’m incredibly silly that way.

As I wrote on my facebook page:
Patty just lied to the yard workers without saying a word.

Really. Trying to show how I’m a hard worker to these hard workers out in the yard … what a lie that is!

I’m truly a very lazy person. And I don’t want to go to jury duty.

Because I’m just that lazy.

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