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There is an honorable tradition in opera of singers relying on a prompter to provide cues for words or entrances. But during rehearsals for the Metropolitan Opera’s production of Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde,” which opens on Friday night, the German tenor singing Tristan, Peter Seiffert, has been using a personal electronic prompter: an earpiece through which he can hear the cues directly.

I read it here.

I wouldn’t mind an earpiece. Not that I’d need cues, but I’d love someone to say, “Ooh, nice solo there!” or “C’mon, you know you can get that attack.”

I’d be okay with that. 🙂

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Faced with a severely weakened economy, the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra is cutting more than $200,000 from its budget for the current season.

I read it here.

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140 thru 190
Thank you for your services to the Court this week. You are excused and will receive a one year exemption.

I was in group 171. Whew. So while the workers destroy our shed (!) and AT&T comes out to hook up our new service, I don’t have to worry about driving to the courthouse.

Does this mean I should start working on reeds?

Naw. 🙂

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How did a long-lost 200-year-old Beethoven concerto end up with the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic? The Oboe Concert in F, written when Ludwig was 22 and a student of Haydn, had never been seen before it was discovered in the ’60s. Musicologists have slowly pieced it together from the composer’s notes found in the London and Bonn libraries. Oboist (and self-proclaimed inventor of the debit card) H. David Meyers first performed its adagio movement in Russia with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic. But it has never been heard live in the United States, which makes the Mount Vernon–based semi-professional orchestra a somewhat surprising choice for its national debut. In fact, Meyers has long co-hosted this annual concert fundraiser for Children’s Hospital with WMP conductor Ulysses James. Meyers “has some interesting plans in mind,” says James, and hopes to “see the reaction with the general public” to what he promises will be an unorthodox interpretation before taking it on the road for a full tour.


I knew about the Beethoven Oboe Concerto. But who knew about the “self-proclaimed inventor of the debit card”? 😉

I finally found an oboe for sale! … Its only $85 and it comes with a case and is in good condition (supposedly ) Also, its at the flea market because they’re both have booths at the flea market

I’m so very sorry to read this … I just can’t believe an $85 oboe can be worth anything. Unless it’s used as a lamp stand.