29. November 2008 · 4 comments · Categories: BQOD

With today’s increasingly superb technology, live orchestras and unpredictable conductors are dispensable.

(This was written by a professional violinist who no longer performs, as I understand it, but runs a private studio where the blogger teaches other violinists.)


  1. Yikes! I think the unpredictable conductors are certainly dispensible, but not the orchestras. That violinist need an attitude ajustment.

    Thanks for your comment – this is the only Nutcracker I play with full orhcestration. The next one is the McDermott reduction with no EH and no bass clarinet! I double and they hire a b.c. plyer, so we do play the big solos on the proper instruments with our own rearranging of parts. Can you say cut and paste?

  2. Oh yes, I can say cut & paste … but I actually wrote out the combined book (by hand … “back in the day” as my kids like to say) years ago. I can’t use that book for our particular version, because there are so many hops skips and jumps in it, but I believe the librarian is finally putting one together this year. (I told her if I died there’s be trouble, since I was reading off of two books, having played them for a while now; someone else might find that difficult.)

    I just heard from a friend who plays a Nut where the EH solos were given to the French horn in order to avoid paying doubling. The bass clarinet part was handed off as well. Sigh.

    The violinist who blogs is bitter due to mistreatment. Added: I won’t go into it here. I don’t have all the information, and that’s not what this blog is about in any case. (Actually I’m pondering taking this blog entry down ….)

  3. Mistreatment isn’t the word for it.

  4. I’ve only read about it, and I’m sure I’m missing much of the story. Having been in a very difficult situation myself, I sure know what it’s like to deal with this sort of thing, though … really.