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Well, maybe no need, but still … it’s a Reed Coffee Table.

What could be better?

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Whether you’re at home sitting by the fire, or out and about with your iPod, here’s a list of five classical music CDs that will take you to that calm and cultured place.

Ah yes … calm and cultured. That’s me in a nutshell.

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I’m happy to post oboe instructor info here for those in the states. (I haven’t ventured out of the US, just assuming that it would get awfully complicated then, but perhaps I should change that. We’ll see.)

Just so ya know. 🙂

This little piggy went to market
This little piggy stayed home
This little piggy had roast beaf
This little piggy had none
and this little piggy went “Wee wee wee!” all the way home.

I do believe my toe — the poor piggy who had none one (right foot) — is broken.

I’m a clumsy, clumsy girl. Sigh.

But what does one do about a broken toe, other than limp? Not much, I am guessing.

“When the inmates are running the asylum, when sound business practices are disregarded in lieu of Trustees and employees’ egos, personal pursuits and vindictive behavior, when the board room emulates the sounds of a misaligned garbage disposal, devoid of common decency and respect, it is truly time for me, and others of sound judgment, to take our time, tireless efforts and overly generous monetary contributions elsewhere.”

Yikes. This is from a letter written by the former board president of Las Vegas Philharmonic. She didn’t mince words, did she?

I read it here.

I read an article that says the oboe is …

A difficult instrument to master at such an early age because of the need for a large lung capacity,…

Hmm. I never really thought large lung capacity was the big thing we needed. Okay, then.

I think of patience, first and foremost. And of course the ability to deal with a mouthpiece that changes constantly. And control. And hands that can reach the keys. Dealing with the back pressure can be difficult for some. Oh, and patience.

The article is about a young oboist. It includes this:

Meanwhile, Baugus makes her own oboe reeds out of bamboo cane, a craft that can take up to two days to complete. In the end, she often comes up with a top-end reed that could run as high as $25 if purchased commercially at a music store. However, for every perfect handmade reed, there’s scores of ones that will see the trash, she pointed out.

Hmmm. Maybe she’d like to send me a few reeds.

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This happened once with an oboe player. We went on a school trip to see some concert or something and I just had this feeling that I would marry the oboist. I didn’t think he was particularly cute. I just knew I was going to marry him.

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i think double reed’s the weirdest/cutest section ever man.