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(I’m not sure I’ll succeed in posting something every day, but at least I started!)

Update … oops! The first day of advent was yesterday. My mistake. Sigh.

Someone landed here by doing this search (copied directly from the google page):

notes for happy bithday song for the viola

… and to think I didn’t know violists knew how to read notes! 😉

(I’m kidding. Really.)

Of course whoever did the search has a bit of a spelling issue.

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I have to run out the door, so I only have time to post this news and that’s it:

A HULL school earmarked for closure has spent £100,000 on new facilities including toilets that play classical music to pupils.

I read it here.

(It’s December 1, not April 1 … right?)

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I listen to classical music rarely, but when I do, it normally takes me over: body, mind and soul. The best pieces cause me to close my eyes, prance about, and swing my arms about like a spastic conductor. I am possessed by the spirits of long-dead Europeans.