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Dan and I really enjoyed La Bohème last night. At the end I didn’t cry, though. I’ve never actually seen the opera from the audience, so maybe it would never cause tears. I dunno. I was nearly brought to tears prior to the end; after Schaunard leaves the room, the orchestra plays this beautiful music before Mimì asks if they are alone (“Sono andati?”). In this production she gets up during that music, stands, and reaches for Rodolfo. It’s the barely standing, looking weak as can be, and then reaching out that did it. I’d never seen a production where Mimì forces herself to stand if only for a moment. But even when she doesn’t, that music before, leading to Rodolfo running to her … well … it gets me every time.

Here, enjoy various versions:

Mirella Freni as Mimì, Luciano Pavarotti as Rodolfo

Angela Gheorghiu as Mimì and Roberto Alagna as Rodolfo

Ilona Tokody as Mimì and Péter Kelen as Rodolfo

There are more online … but I’m sure that’s enough. For now.

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