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There’s a small article in the Merc due to the AMTSJ demise. It talks about how, even with San Jose Symphony’s death, it wasn’t completely “over” for us.


I’m still working. But it’s not like it was, and I’ve certainly had to change the way I work. I have more students then I’ve ever had (which, truth be told, brings me great joy). I teach at UCSC (although we are having a budget crisis so I’m not sure what I’ll be given to teach this coming quarter). I take jobs with the notion that the bottom could drop out at any moment so I’d better work while I can (although I was relieved I wasn’t hired back for the Christmas Eve job I did last year; I froze and I vowed I wouldn’t take it again, knowing full well that if it were offered I’d probably have to). I’m very grateful for SSV, and we have been assured that we are “okay” there. My first love, Opera San José, is still around (even while ticket sales have been the worst ever this year). So I know I have work even in this difficult time. But I will never be completely relaxed about my jobs again.

And sometimes I do wonder what I would do if it all fell apart. I’m not skilled in much of anything else! (Anybody want to hire a professional whiner?)

Hmmm. Speaking of the “bottom falling out” the roof here just made a huge cracking sound. Maybe it won’t be the bottom falling out. Maybe it’ll be the roof caving in. That I’m definitely not prepared for!

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