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Trouble sleeping? Here’s your solution! You can thank me now, or you can thank me later. Or you can just keep thanking me over and over.

Here’s the rep:

1. Planets Suite: Venus, Bringer Of Peace, The
2. Planets Suite: Neptune, The Mystic, The
3. Adagio For Strings
4. Adagio In G Minor
5. Symphony No. 4 In C Minor, Andante
6. Symphony No. 5 In B-Flat Major, Andante
7. Violin Concerto In E Minor, Andante
8. Lady Radnor’s Suite, Slow Minuet
9. Sospiri, Op. 70
10. Suite For Strings Orchestra, Nocturne
11. Marche Funebre, Lento
12. Calm Sea & Prosperous Voyage, Op. 27

G’nite, now.

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According to Opera Chic, Baltimore Opera has filed for bankruptcy, filing Chapter 11.


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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

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… to Alex Ross, and his well deserved honor. He has been awardedteh Guardian First Book Award for The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century

I read the news here.

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Late night drinkers in London will now be served tea and biscuits as part of a taxpayer-funded scheme to cut anti-social behaviour at the closing time of bars.

The pilot scheme is part of a 30,000 pounds package of measures, which has been designed to counter rowdy at a late night trouble spot in northwest London.

The bars will also play classical music after last orders in an attempt to soothe patrons before they leave the premises.

A spokesman for Brent council said that the quirky new approach had been shown to work in American towns.

I read it here.

There are many things I could say. Jokes. Arguments. Whatnot.

But I will refrain. I’m listening to classical music right now and I’m just feeling very very calm. I’m simply not feeling argumentative at all. Or rowdy.

Maybe it’s also that it’s 6:34 AM and I’m barely awake, though.

(Oh, and in order not to lie I had to quickly put something on to listen to, so I’m listening to the free sampler of Einojuhani Rautavaara, which I downloaded from emusic.com. It was a free sampler. I’ve never heard his work before. Should I be ashamed? Right now I’m listening to Cantus Arcticus, Concerto for birds and orchestra. I feel like my mom is calling me or something with all these downward minor thirds. Does that sound like a mom calling for her child? Does to me, anyway!)

I wrote to a friend who repairs oboes and English horns (among other things), and he suggested I try to clean the key with alcohol. If that didn’t work, he suggested first cleaning and then possibly taking the cork off the little lever that pushes the B key down (yes, I will deal with the second finger, left hand key being called that now that he’s explained it!). Voila! It works. When I took that part of the horn apart, I could see that the cork had a spot in it that was so far gone that the piece of metal sticking out from the B key would stick to it, and since the spring isn’t as strong as the key (or some such thing), it stayed down, rather than going up. Piece ‘o cake to fix, although I’ll probably get new cork on at some point. But thanks Bob! I’ll make it through Nutcracker without too much trouble now.