The Review is in from the Merc. I think other players could have been mentioned (the bassoon solo was exquisite) but he did give Pam a deserved mention:

The second movement, the grieving Andantino, was sumptuous, lifting off from principal oboist Pamela Hakl’s exceptionally gorgeous and eerie solo.

Even if your own playing moves you tremendously please keep your eyes open. I’ve seen players close their eyes, as if that is somehow allowing them to get more “into” what they are doing. It actually tends to put off an audience. At least some of them. And if you’re playing in an orchestra it doesn’t exactly make the conductor happy! 🙂

This picture is from Nodame Cantabile. I purchased one of these books. I don’t “get” this stuff. I think I’m too old. Oh … and FYI, they are playing the Poulenc trio.

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The Angel Gabriel

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No question the YouTube Symphony Orchestra is geared toward the hope that kids can learn to love Brahms just as much as Beyoncé. But is it wise to allow an orchestra to be selected by those accustomed to posting about pet tricks? How, after all, can an audience raised on Auto-Tune vocal enhancement and digital sampling be expected to tell one violinist’s pizzicato technique from another’s? Won’t “American Idol” standards prevail, saddling the YouTube Symphony with musicians who have questionable pitch but really awesome hair?