Oh, how I would love a reed room at UCSC. Someday, maybe …?

Linda Strommen, along with the other double and single reed instructors, has a new reed room. Very cool.

With the ongoing revitalization of the IU Jacobs School of Music, oboe and bassoon professors, coupled with clarinet professors — who also consider the trimming and refinement of their single reeds paramount to a great performance — recently approached the Jacobs administration with the idea of converting a larger space in the annex into a new state-of-the-art reed room.

As it turns out, long-time supporters of the Jacobs School of Music were also at the ready for such a project. Beth and John Drewes are alumni of the Jacobs School and returned to the Bloomington area after nearly 40-year careers in Wisconsin and Florida. Their interest in supporting woodwind performance at the Jacobs School was sparked when they realized that Strommen was someone they had mentored decades ago.

Nice, eh? I read it here.


  1. Good for them! They needed it. Their old room was a tiny closet–barely room for 3 or 4 people. Not nearly enough for a school with such large double reed studios.

    I’m lucky at the University of Georgia to have a large reed room that’s part of the floor plan of the building. It has a sink, individual lockers, lots of light, gougers and other equipment…

  2. I can only weep, Brad. No reed room. No equipment.

    Of course I’m a horrible reed maker myself. I suppose I’d be found out!