12. December 2008 · Comments Off on C’mon, You’re Not Down A Mine · Categories: Links, Other People's Words

I love that quote from the interview T (Notes of an Anesthesioboist) brought to my attention. It’s something that Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter and now also Equus fame) has been told by his father.

If ever I am complaining or, you know, anything like that, or I’m tired, my dad will turn around and say, “C’mon, youre not down a mine. Stop complaining. You have a great job, so carry on.”

I think that’s something I should keep in mind. And I like that he has high standards, or at least implies that he does. He doesn’t like the word “mediocre”. Nice.

Another quote, on keeping a performance fresh:

You say to yourself, people in the audience have paid a lot of money for these tickets, — (laughter) no really, though, really — you say, they paid a lot of money and you owe them, and you are being been paid to get out there and do it like it’s the first time you’ve ever done it. It’s your job and there’s nothing else to it. Really.

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