13. December 2008 · 2 comments · Categories: News

Hmmm. The two leads in Sir ALW’s Phantom of the Opera will be played by robots.

I read it here and here.

So many jokes ….


  1. This already happened, sort of, in the pit of the Broadway touring production I was with for 10 years. Three violinists were replaced with the “Virtual Orchestra”. No robots, just music software in a Mac laptop.

  2. When we started getting replaced by synths I use to joke about the stars on stage being replaced as well. And so now it happens. Wouldn’t ya know?

    I saw CATS (yeah, really … don’t ask why!) when it was in San Jose and when the show began I actually laughed out loud. The synths pretending to be brass were so abominable I thought sure everyone would notice and be horrified. I was wrong. Sigh.