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There is a lot of denial in the classical music world. Performers still believe that a CD represents a badge of honor. They can’t let go of the obsolete recording business model. They cling to the fantasy that there is intrinsic value in recording and that they should be additionally compensated for the recording of a live event. …

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This afternoon was the fourth performance (sixth service) of Nutcracker. I’ve played this for so many years that counting measures of rests is entirely unnecessary. Out of habit I sometimes still do it without thinking, but mostly I am either busy swabbing an instrument when I’m not playing, or I’m looking up at the upper half of the dancers’ bodies. Do they do anything with their feet? I’m guessing not … can’t see ’em in any case! 😉

English horn reeds frequently last a good long time, and I was really hoping my “fave” was going to be a Nutcracker wonder. Alas, it cracked last night. I think this cold weather is hard on reeds. Or maybe I just did something stupid and cracked it. Dunno. But I have a few others that will do, and I’m working on getting others into shape. Oboe reeds are another story; I haven’t liked one I’ve used, and nothing that is in the reed case seems to have any potential for goodness. I did start some more yesterday, and I’m hoping some of them will be happy little Nutcracker reeds. We’ll see.

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Magnificat, J. S. Bach, “Deposuit”