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Magnificat, J. S. Bach, “Suscepit Israel”

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Canadian Music Centre is offering up music by Canadian composers.

The CMC’s sound archive is made up almost entirely of works composed, performed and recorded in the last 50 years. Many of the recordings originated as CBC radio broadcasts, often from the now-defunct Two New Hours program. But other recordings were provided by composers themselves – and arrived, over the years, in a wide variety of formats, including vinyl LPs, analog tapes and compact discs.

Preparing that material for online dissemination has been a three-year project.

Centrestreams offers about 90,000 minutes – or just over 62 solid days – of music, ranging from big, orchestral compositions to small pieces for single instruments. The Canadian composers represented are a remarkably diverse group.

I read about it here.

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[name omitted] was chosen to be the only oboist in the school orchestra and is just beginning her training. She requested the flute and came home very upset last spring when she was assigned to the oboe. According to Ms. [name omitted] she is way too special of a child too just play something as ordinary as a flute. VERY SPECIAL -$2000. We rent it for $30, but we’re liable for the 2 grand if it is lost/stolen/backed over, etc. Aye, yi, yi.

1) Yes, we are special, aren’t we? Or is it nerdy? Hmmm.
2) $2000 isn’t all that much. Poor mom doesn’t know what she is in for if the kiddo sticks with it! 🙂

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… a letter written by Tchaikovsky to his nephew I think. He wrote this letter after he had just spent a fortnight (his words) composing the Nutcracker Suite, which he had thought would only take him 5 days to compose! Can you imagine thinking he had planned to compose all that glorious music in just 5 days and was upset with himself that it took two weeks????

(Hmmm. I wonder how long he planned on taking for composing the entire ballet.)

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Frozen Funds for Ballet BC
Gypsy Goes
So Long Season (Santa Clarita)
Flat Sales for Florida Orchestra?
Pasadena Problems (I had mentioned some of their woes before)

Maybe I should stop posting these. Maybe posting them only adds to the dismay and fear. I wonder. I keep hoping that by alerting people they will attempt to support their local groups. I’m not sure it’s working, though.