I just found out that in September of 2005 I was “blog of the week” for Times Online.


Patricia Mitchell, the principal oboe player for the Opera San José, loves and champions her instrument, possibly because no one else will. When Newsweek reveals in its September 12 issue the “little-known fact about a symphony orchestra: the oboe must first sound a particular note for the other instruments to tune accordingly”, she writes that “at least Newsweek readers will now know we tune orchestras”. But it is the constant travails of being a double-reed player that keep drawing you back: “I play a concert. I hate what I did. Nothing felt right . . . but guess what? Much of the time the audience hasn’t a clue.”

Hmmm. I’m no young’un, and I know my memory isn’t perfect, but I don’t recall seeing this before. Now I guess I’ll have to check the archives and see if I blogged about it. If so, that’s even worse. It’s one thing to forget something. It’s another to blog about it and forget it. If you know what I mean.

Speaking of this blog…
It’s bloglite for now. Maybe it’s just the season. Maybe I should blame Nutcracker (which I mistakenly … not even meaning to make a joke … called “Nutcrapper” earlier today which tells you how fried my brain is). (Oh … and last night’s performance was the hardest Nutcracker ot play ever. In fact, I nearly fell backwards down the stairs as I was going into the pit. Tha’ts tired!) Maybe it’s seeing that not many are reading this blog any more according to the stat counter thing. Maybe it’s that I have nothing left to say. But I keep wondering if I should continue.

Perhaps I’ll suddenly get back to real blogging once I finish the last ballet tomorrow afternoon. Time will tell. But I’m feeling as if I’ve lost it, if you know what I mean. Heck, I’m feeling like I’ve lost it even if you don’t know what I mean. (“You” being whoever is still managing to get to this little spot in the internet world.)

But of course anyone who knows me knows that, in all likelihood, I’ll be back.


  1. OK, I already emailed you about this, but you made that entry (“I play a concert…etc.) on Sept. 3, 2005. Time flies!

  2. Time does, indeed, fly … and yet I’m no older.

    Am I?