Why do i feel dizzy and faint when I play my oboe?

It’s a musical instrument. And I’m perfectly healthy. It just happened to me today again. It also happened when I played my clarinet. I feel like I have a sinus headache, but tylenol doesn’t take it away. I also felt so dizzy my whole body started quivering and I almost fell when walking. Any help?

That’s normal. You feel dizzy because you are blowing alot of air into the horn. Just play as much as you can, but don’t overdo it. Stop and rest when you need to. As time passes, you’ll be able to play longer and longer and the symptoms will eventually go away completely. I used to play the flute and the same thing happened to me.

I’m not sure about that answer. We don’t blow “alot of air” into the horn. I do wonder who is answering at the site. Hmmm.

I read it all here.


  1. I’m fairly sure that it isn’t normal to black out while playing the oboe. That would make it hard to read the music.

    That it happens even on her clarinet would be quite odd, since the two instruments are, well, completely different in terms of air volume and air pressure.

    Now, the flute, I can see a new player having some side effects from that, since you’re not really able to hold on to anything but you need to hold your lips in the same position. I only played the flute briefly, but you’re definitely using a lot of air and it’s quite easy to get out of breath or to make your lips get angry at you when you aren’t used to playing a musical instrument.

    Or maybe it’s just because I’m medically weird.

  2. I used to black out on occasion when playing oboe, actually. I suspect that the writer’s issue is more to do with how she is taking in air and then “locking up”, which is what I believe I did. Or it could just be that I’m an old lady.

    We do “run into” carbon dioxide, which can be an issue (entirely opposite of those poor flutists). As you know, we have to make sure we exhale as well as inhale.