If any registered folks are reading this could you try to leave a comment now? Dan thinks he fixed the problem we were having and we need to see if it works now.

Thanks! 🙂


  1. Hi!

    Though this account always worked, let me try my older one

  2. Yeah, seems like it’s fixed.

  3. Super! Thanks so much. 🙂

  4. TeamCamwell is coming for your reeds, bocals, and any cute pets!!! You have been warned warm Californians!

  5. 1) You will be sorely disappointed in the reeds.
    2) I have an three bocals, all good. No disappointment there.
    3) No pets, aside from the stuffed sort. Disappointing? Not? Dunno!

    And yes, California is warm, compared to where you live. But I still sit under my blankets when I’m at the computer!

  6. 🙂

    Thanks, Emily!

  7. I guess it’s working, then 🙂

  8. Shoot, it was over 50 degrees yesterday when I was driving around the East Bay (had a little trouble finding the place when I went to return my rental – next time I’m taking a co-pilot). The whole time I was in Lo-Cal last week it didn’t get above maybe 55, but apparently it was 76 down there yesterday.

  9. Geesh … cold even in the south, eh? Now I hear it’s quite foggy at a few airports. Or at least it was, according to a former student … she was at San Diego airport yesterday (fogged in) and now is at Orange County (foggy). (I don’t know if she’s just attempting to find a non-foggy airport or if she just likes to visit foggy airports.

  10. It’s still a little foggy here this morning (not like the Central Valley tule fog, where it’s so thick cars just bounce off). I expect it’ll burn off by this afternoon though – the thermometer in my backyard says around 46 right now (10:05am).

    I admit that I enjoy a “mild” fog (where driving isn’t too hazardous, but everything’s kind of softened) more than overcast without rain.

  11. My old account WORKED! So please delete the newer one, if you would be so kind.


  12. Heh … I hope I deleted the right one! If not, I do apologize. But I think I got it right.

  13. It seems like you got enough replies, but I can’t resist adding something content-free.

  14. Gee thanks Mike. I feel better now. 😉

    (I still look the same, though. Rats.)