We are going to hear San Francisco Symphony tonight. We rarely get up there for concerts what with my schedule and all —opera is my first love in any case— but Dan purchased tickets the other day. We’ll be hearing Copland’s music to the film score of “Our Town”, Berg’s Three Pieces, and Brahms’ First Symphony.

Tickets will be held at will call. For NINE dollars!

How nice is that? We save them postage, and the time to pack up the tickets and send ’em to us. They charge us nine dollars.

I’m honored. Really.


  1. They get the money off the credit card for tickets sold so late they can’t be mailed out, then charge you NINE DOLLARS to pick them up at will call? How much do they charge for mailing them out, fifteen dollars? What a way to do business! I hope the folks in KC don’t think this is a good idea.

    R. E. Harris

  2. I think it’s odd, but they sure didn’t ask my opinion!