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As a child, I liked listening to audio books and stories. By the time puberty hit I was heavily into classical music. I loved how it engulfed me with its evocative, sweeping rhythms. My mind would spin stories, create worlds and get lost in all that rich sound. This continued into adulthood. Then overnight things changed. It was hip-hop, rap, dance/trance from that point on.

So here I am today, years after the change listening to my latest obsession.

Danny Fernandes – Private Dancer

I try to absorb the music of the past, but Enya is as classical as I can go these days. Why should I be concerned with my music taste? Well, there are numerous research articles claiming that classical music enhances brain activity, concentration, while the other kind does not (might even be detrimental).

Drat! I fear my IQ is converging to zero in 3, 2, 1 … let’s hear Danny boy one more time …

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Blair Tindall has an article article in the Los Angeles Times about those musicians who have more than one career. I happen to be acquainted with two of the musicians, and recognized another local name.

Me? Well, I did consider poetry at one point — gee, nothing like finding another profitable career, eh? — but after going to a couple of workshops that Dana Gioia ran I realized I wasn’t really any good. Nor do I have the drive. Selling one’s self … sending poems to journals for mostly rejection letters and never any pay (it’s just an honor to be published) isn’t my cuppa. But, really, the truth is my poetry is pedestrian at best. No, I’m not being falsely humble. Just honest. I like honest.

I don’t believe I’m smart or talented enough to do what Nick Dargahi, Rae Ann Goldberg, both of whom I continue to work with, do. I’m impressed! Geesh look at the article … Stanford, Columbia, law school, counseling, art school … all the folks Blair writes about are impressive.

Me? I did think, “Well, I think I could get a job at Mervyn’s!”

Ah well. Too late for that.

I know readers think I’m hard on myself, but I honestly don’t know what I can do besides oboe, and I know that’s not a good thing. I guess this is something I should really think about. What does an 52 year old introvert with horrible math skills and a bachelor of music have to offer, I wonder? Ack!

Okay, enough of this navel gazing. Off to church to gaze elsewhere.