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San Francisco Classical Voice has a review, written by Dan Lesson. He didn’t completely like the concert. He didn’t completely dislike it. Ah well.

I’m assuming he attended Saturday night’s performance since he does refer to “this evening” and Mr. Nakamatsu didn’t play an encore on Thursday night. For the record, he played “The Entertainer” … oops! He played that on Sunday afternoon … Mr. Leeson just calls it “perhaps the most magnificent Rag that Scott Joplin wrote”, and I liked it, but what do I know? I’m just a silly double reed player. And I suspect the reviewer didn’t really mean to write: It read: “Amram Plays Joplin; Joplin Wins.” … as Mr. Amram didn’t play anything that night. Oops! I’d tease him about that, but every time I tease someone I make some sort of huge typo. Go figure.

Side note: Danny was the bass clarinetist in San Jose Symphony for a time.


Hearing from a reader (who will remain nameless until I get his permission to link to his blog) and blogger, Dick Strawser of Thoughts on a Train … he says:

I think what he meant was Amram was up against Joplin — and Joplin beat the pants off him, as far as audience response went… had nothing to do with who was performing.

And of course that is what Mr. Leeson meant! Duh. Man, I’m slower than slow.

And I DID make more than one typo in this post just as I predicted.


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