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I had seen an earpiece in Yo-Yo Ma’s ear and wondered what that was about.

“It would have been a disaster if we had done it any other way,” he said in a telephone interview on Thursday. “This occasion’s got to be perfect. You can’t have any slip-ups.” The musicians wore earpieces to hear the playback.

Words spoken by Mr. Perlman.

And …

“I really wanted to do something that was absolutely physically and emotionally and, timing-wise, genuine,” Mr. Ma said. “We also knew we couldn’t have any technical or instrumental malfunction on that occasion. A broken string was not an option. It was wicked cold.”

I read it and more here.

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“A show has to be flexible,” Sondheim said. “Of course, I would like to hear a full orchestra each time.” “I haven’t had a full orchestra for a new show of mine since ‘Merrily.’”

I read it here. And I’m glad to know it.

And I loved the last bit:

And in what was probably the least interesting revelation of the evening, Sondheim said that he prefers Macs to PCs, but does not own an IPOD.

Yeah. Gotta love a Mac. 🙂

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When I landed my little San Jose Symphony English horn position I thought I was quite mature. I was 18. When I got married I thought I was quite mature. I was 19.

Up and coming 28-year-old German conductor Cornelius Meister has been appointed the new chief conductor of the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra from September 2010, ORF public radio announced Friday.

Gee … he seems so … very, very young.

I read it here.

Of course now, at the age of 52, I sometimes feel like a kid.

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I’m really liking branching out, and confirming that I like pretty much all music. The dreaded ex would always experiment with new classical music, but I was bored by it. I’d much rather explore music that’s been developing in the culture that I live in every day. I do admit, though, that I really like 20th century Russian classical music. But that’s a period I’ve invested significant time in studying.

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A CBS segment about the cellist and playing for the inauguration:

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