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… but I can’t seem to travel light.

Today I have my Wiseman case, since I wanted to have both my oboe and my English horn with me. In addition I have to carry a tuner, metronome, reed equipment and music with me. Oh, and a water bottle. Of course I also need my purse, my toothbrush and toothpaste, and obviously my computer. So I have a somewhat large bag that acts as both purse, carryall and computer bag.

If I could leave some equipment at the school I would. If we had a reed room I’d at least not have to carry all my knives, as I’d use what we have in the reed room. But we have no reed room.

(Oooh … I am just realizing, though, that I could use the online metronome and online tuner I’ve found. That would save … what? … some ounces? Every little bit counts!)

As I looked at myself in a mirror a short time ago I saw that I was pushing the bag to the limit. It looks as if it’s about to burst! I’ve broken a number of bags this way. And the bag is so incredibly heavy it’s difficult to hoist (yes, hoist) on to my shoulder. (Really.)

Besides, I look like a bag lady.

So I guess I’m going to go back to the embarrassing case on wheels I bought last year if I can make that work. It’s really a computer case on wheels, so I hope it can hold all the things I need to hold, or I might have to get an even more embarrassing, large case on wheels.

I’ll move from bag lady to nerd. But what can ya do? The bag is saying “no more” and my back is echoing that sentiment. So there you go.

Besides, I’m sure my students all think I’m a wacky old lady anyway. So I’ll just give them more fodder for that. I’m nice that way.

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