Oh. I can’t play the second octave. It hurts my ears.

This was said, with an entirely straight face, by one of my students today. I asked for the E flat melodic minor scale, and he only played he first octave. The line was delivered so darn well I nearly believed him.

Very good, Jordan! 🙂

And now you’ve made my blog. So there.


  1. That reminds me of the mistake I made in showing one of the other oboe players at my school that artical you blogged about some time ago about high notes on instruments like oboe and eye pressure. She flat out refuses to play above high C now. *sigh* But I guess since she doesn’t want to continue playing after this year the world won’t end.

    As for the other conversation, I’m planning on majoring in performance. (eep!) I don’t know where exactly just yet because I have to go auditioning. I had my first one yesterday at Butler University and it went excitingly well, so at least I’m off to a good start. I’m also auditioning at Bowling Green, Duquesne, Baldwin-Wallace, and Case Western. After that… we’ll see what I can manage after that. Oh! And, before I left Indianapolis today I bought me an oboe… a niiice oboe. It makes me happy…

  2. Ooh .. what kind of oboe did you purchase? Do tell!

    A good instrument can sure make the heart happy! 🙂