23. January 2009 · Comments Off on Sort of Angry · Categories: Ramble

I downloaded a recording of an English horn/oboe player recently. Not anyone I’d heard of. Not anyone I’ll name. But I finally listened to the beginning of the recording.

I have never … and I mean never … heard such boring, bland, unexpressive playing in my life on a recording. Really.

It just kind of made me angry. I know that’s a silly way to react, but that’s what happened. So there you go.

I’m pretty forgiving when it comes to certain things, but boring and bland? Why bother playing then? Or did the person really think the playing was expressive? I wonder. The composer was one I’d never heard (cool!) but from the romantic era. And the work clearly required at least a bit of dynamic contract and musicality.

Oh. Well.

I suppose my reaction is silly. But there you go. And what a waste of a download!

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