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Nielsen: Romanza from Two Fantasy Pieces

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(Again, the sound is a bit harsh, so you might turn down the sound.)

Oh … wait! This is the same guy as #1. Hmmm. How many of these do they have to make? He also has the Tan Dun audition video. (And he waits through the rests as well, so it must be a rule.)

I guess I should read the audition rules and requirements, eh?

Okay, I lied. You will be hearing Tan Dun, as this oboist doesn’t have anything else up. But you get two for one; he has both the oboe and the English horn here. I must admit I find it confusing that someone waits through all the measures of rest, but I haven’t read the rules; did they say you must do that? I’m guessing so! (That’s not what we do at live auditions … at least not any I’ve done. While you never add rests, I think it’s usually acceptable to delete huge rests.)

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I have been meaning to ask: Does anybody out there have any suggestions for somebody who wants to get into classical music?
I’ve always been interested in all types of music but I have never gotten the bug for any classical music, which out of sheer ignorance I have always associated with people who are independently wealthy, old and distinguished. Oh, and White! But as I listened to John Williams’ classical composition “Air and Simple Gifts” during the inauguration (I know, its past, its history and I didn’t want to mention it but for accuracy sake… you know) I found myself feeling as relaxed as a control freak gets. It felt good. I thought it might also be good music for writing. But where to start? I can’t tell you Chopin from Tchaikovsky-though apparently I seem to have a gift for spelling Russian names.

I read it
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