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the shooter has been sawed in half.”

Thus ended my dream.

Such a bizarre dream, too.

I was walking out of a concert I had played. I was with Blair Tindall (yes, we worked together on occasion, although it’s been some years now). Suddenly we hear a loud gunshot. I’m afraid Blair’s been shot, so I’m looking at her to see if she is okay, but I find no blood. We then look at my clothes (why I am wearing white I have no idea!) and I have blood on them. Blair looks up at me and gasps. I have been shot in the head.

As Blair gets me to the hospital I call my kids. (For some reason Dan isn’t in this dream at all.) I calmly tell Brandon who, while 26 in real life is only about 12 in my dream, that I’ve been shot. I can see the kids as I’m talking to them on the phone, as if they are really right in front of me. Hmmm. I try to call my mother, but I can’t seem to locate her cell phone number.

At the hospital they put me in a chair and I have some sort of weird helmet on my head. Some time elapses (I’ve forgotten some of this dream … aren’t you glad?) but finally I’m with some nurses and a doctor and I see the nurse writing things down. I say, “How cool is it that that pen changes color as you write!” No one says anything, but my mom, who has suddenly appeared, starts to cry. Oops. Guess the pen doesn’t change color. I grab it and start to write, because I want to see if I still have that ability. I do. But the pen has orange first and then black. Still, I can talk, and I seem to be doing okay. I do wonder if my fingers will be able to play the oboe or I’ve lost that. But I don’t have an oboe to try.

I don’t even know if the bullet was removed, but they are sending me home. I’ve been told I’m not allowed to drive a car for a good long time and I’m ticked off because I have work at UCSC and of course all my playing jobs.

And then I heard “Everything is under control … the shooter has been sawed in half.”

Okay then. I guess this is the kind of dream one has when one has a headache while sleeping, eh?

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