I originally wanted to play the tuba.. but my mom was like.. you can play the oboe or the French horn. I had no idea what an oboe was… so I picked the French horn.


  1. 🙂

    You knew I’d comment on this one, right?

    His/her mother was a sadist?

  2. Oh, and Happy Groundhog Day!

  3. Indeed, I DID think you would comment here, Tim! I thought of you when posting it. 🙂

    Happy GD back to you. Now where is my rain? I want rain. So do my reeds!

  4. Rain has been scheduled for Thursday this week, unless it has to be canceled on account of the weather.

  5. I did hear about that forecast. Somehow I never believe it until I see/hear/feel it. Yeah, I’m skeptical that way.