I’m fine with the run in the finale of Act 2 of Cosi now. How silly of me to get all worked up over it! It was the slower tempo that really threw me.

Of course now that I’ve written that I’ll probably flub it, eh?

Meanwhile, there are the reeds. Sigh.

I have one … you read it right … ONE … that I think is decent. And I’m even worried about that. I have a few that are so-so. And I have a ton that are horrible, sub-par, or unplayable. I’ll continue to plug away at them. And of course I’ll deal. That’s really the truth of it all; I have to play well on whatever I have. What other choice is there?

We have the two final dress rehearsals for Cosi, and then it’s on to the eight performances.


  1. I’ve been practicing with five different reeds lately (well, four and a really old one that still kinda works – I use it more as a break from the newer reeds) and, while there are differences, I’m able to practice well with pretty much all of ’em (they are from Mike, after all). On the other hand, at my lesson tomorrow I’m expecting that none of them will work right…or the ones that worked less right will be better than the ones that didn’t almost not work the way I wanted…oh, you know what I mean.

    I can’t decide if it’s because I’m getting used to the different reeds or (and this is, I think, the biggest factor) my MCW horn is much more forgiving (when it’s properly adjusted – thanks again) than the plastic rental or if I just have had a lucky couple of days…

    It was like that with horn, too (well, not the reed part, but hopefully people will know what I mean – one day everything’s effortless, the next day it’s all impossible, but most likely – hopefully – it all sounds the same to people listening).

  2. “it all sounds the same to people listening”

    … and that is the truth of it, isn’t it? We “hear” (more like FEEL) these huge differences. The listener, aside from those picky discerning other double reed players, often hear no diff at all. Go figure.

    But, really, if the reed (or oboe, or whatever) doesn’t feel good it doesn’t feel good and it’s no fun when that is the way it is. Wouldn’t you know?