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She liked it. (No real mention of the orchestra, but we aren’t exactly the center of attention with an opera, are we?)

I’m glad to see this very positive review. I still haven’t spotted the Merc review, which I thought would appear today after yesterday’s teaser. I’ll keep checking online and of course post the link here when it does appear.

A competition has been launched to find poetry which will feature in the toilets of Shetland.

Six poems will be selected every three months to go on display in all leisure centre toilets and at other locations.

The Bards in the Bog competition is open to all ages, and poems may be on any subject.

The only rule is that they must be 12 lines or less in length as the posters need to have large print which can easily be read from a seated position.

I read it here.

So so so so sooooo many jokes one could make.

I’ve heard of pottymouths, but this would be what? A pottypoet?

Gee, why am I finding out about this now? I usually spot these more quickly. In any case, enjoy!

Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Community Center Theater 8pm

Mozart, Mendelssohn and More! is a musical tour of Paris, Vienna, and Leipzig. This concert also features “Philharmonic Faces”, presenting the talents of the orchestra’s musicians in the role of soloist. The concert features Felix Mendelssohn’s largest orchestral work, Violin Concerto in E Minor op.64 with principal violinist Michele XiaoYou as the featured soloist. Great Works III also will spotlight principal oboist Thomas Nugent as soloist for Richard Strauss’ Oboe Concerto in G Major. The concert also includes Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro Overature and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

(I read it here. Click the link to see how to get tickets. And yes, they did spell it “Overature” at their site.)

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With a laugh, Lalov told the story of a friend who was the artistic director of the Syracuse Opera in New York.

“He called and said, `Giorgio, I’m struggling selling tickets for my “Aida.”‘ Somebody told him, why not put an elephant in. Three days after, he called me and said he sold out.”

I read it here, in an article about Teatro Lirico.


Could someone recomend a composer who’s pieces all are (or at least most are) in minor. The sadder, the more powerfull, the better. Funeral music, war marches etc.

For an example of a piece that I like, check out Henry Purcell’s “Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary”.

Although, keep in mind that I am looking for composers, not single pieces of music.

Thanks allot in advance.