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If you haven’t read Music Is My Bag by Meghan Daum check it out. Very fun. And she played oboe, too. 🙂

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… but I do hear that it’s bad for spelling:

Is it bad to listen to classical music when you study?

Tiffany asked the question:

My parents always argue with me on this. They think it’s distrating, but honestly I can’t concertrate if there isn’t classical music playing. Sometimes they tell me to turn it off.

Is listening to classical music bad while studying?

Here is the Merc review at last. I guess it just took longer to get in the paper and online. Mr. Scheinin is quite complimentary … and the word “orchestra” even appears at the end. How ’bout that? 🙂

There might be one or two more reviews, but this might be it. Who knows? We don’t get the folks from San Francisco to come down here very often. Such is life.

In Other News…
I was going to listen to some of my iTunes music and went to switch our receiver to what it has to be switched to in order to listen through our speakers (listening through the MacBook speakers is pretty crummy). I couldn’t get our remote control to work, so I actually had to stand up (!) and go over to the receiver to push the button. Yikes. Exercise. But then I received a shock. I mean that. Literally. And the receiver turned off, as did the CD player which is connected to the receiver. Dead dead dead. I can’t turn it on now. So so much for music through nice speakers. I hope I didn’t kill the receiver. It’s awfully old, though, so I wonder.

These days I’m just rather shocking. And this makes me wonder; could I ruin my MacBook this way? How do I ground myself so as to avoid doing that? Oh you smart people out there … I’m relying on you. Please?

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I’m not adverse to classical music. I’m really not. I enjoy the masters of classical music. Or at least I respect them. But I’m not about to go home and put on a little Mozart or Bach. It’s just not going to happen. At least not more than a couple times a decade.

I read it here.

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The Met has announced the 2009-2010 opera season.

Cutbacks. Just like everyone else. Of course we had been warned earlier of their disaster scenario so I suppose no one is surprised.

Still no review of Cosi in the Merc. Hmmm. It didn’t appear online yesterday, as we were told it would, but not seeing it today makes me think it won’t be online at all. (There was an earlier article on Cosi — including some paragraphs about the state of Opera San Jose during this very tough time — and it never appeared either. Should I take this personally? Maybe they don’t like me linking to them? Or maybe they just don’t like me.

Yeah, it’s all about me, folks.

Okay. Kidding.

I suppose I’ll have to go buy a paper to see if the review is there.

Nope. Nothing in the hard copy either. Weird. Guess maybe the review is later than expected. I wonder why …?

Update #2
Here are other links regarding the Met announcement:
New York Times